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US-Blogger versteht mich besser als antideutsche Deutsche

AntiFa = NeoFa, German Rapper Dee Ex and Ron Paul

I have been up this morning working on a new post to promote the work of a female German rapper named Dee Ex. She is an artist who creates music and writes lyrics based on the love of her nationality. This of course has brought accusations and attacks from a group that calls themselves AntiFa, which is short for Anti Fascist. A recent post on Dee Ex`s blog addresses this group and their platform. AntiFa claims to fight fascism, but in turn go out of their way to harass and try to silence any group of people who think differently from them. As she rightly states, Anti Fascism is the New Fascism.

I`m really glad I saw that post because that thought came across my mind the other day as I was putting together the piece on Ron Paul and the Media`s Blackout but I couldn`t figure out how to work it in without distracting from the general point. I am now going to use her point to further back up that up. I have seen many “anti racists” (anti racism is a code word for anti white) who display an extreme hatred for presidential candidate Ron Paul. Obviously Ron Paul is not a white supremacist, a racist, Nazi, etc, but the majority of the liberal left will never support him because he does believe in the freedom of all to express their opinions and live accordingly. In a time when the left is fighting for gay rights, minority rights, etc, you would think they would support him. The only problem is that because he does believe in unobstructed freedom it means the left would no longer be able to dictate the lives of those they disagree with. The liberal left wants to continue to dictate what can and cannot be said by those they do not agree with and want to continue to make laws restricting free speech. They want to continue to dictate what views are expressed in mass media and what lessons are taught in schools. They want to dictate what bands can play at shows and what music is sold in stores. They oppose and disrupt peaceful assembly`s and conference`s that are based around ideas they do not agree with. In a whole, they want to dictate OUR lives based on THEIR ideology. They are the New Fascists, they are NeoFa.

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